Certified as a Reiki Master/Teacher, Level 2 & 1 in 2008 of the Usui System of Natural Healing.   Trish has personally enjoyed Reiki and the benefits it has to offer.   It is a great healing technique used to balance the body on the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual & even social level.    A Reiki session involves the use of  light touch through a hands on healing approach.  Medical studies have proven that Reiki contributes to the following:  

  • reduces stress and its reactions
  • lowers blood pressure, lowers heart & respiration rates
  • reduces bleeding and pain
  • raises the red blood cell count
  • helps insomnia
  • calms anxiety and improves digestion.
  • Reiki helps to support our over all well-being, strengthening our own ability to heal by encouraging balance.  Once trained in Reiki you can administer your own self-healing technique as well as work on other people.

Reiki Level One:

Known as the First Degree level which is a good tool you can use on yourself and others.   It promotes self-healing.    It is non-invasive and holistic, safely practiced in any situation, with no known medical contraindications.     In Reiki Level One the student and focuses on the physical body.

Reiki Level Two:

This level teaches distance healing, which allows you to  work on others if they are not physically in the room.  It can help with healing past hurts offering release and assisting to let go of pain associated with that hurt.   You also learn three of the five symbols used in Reiki.   In Level Two the focus is much higher, concentrating on the emotional and mental bodies.

Reiki Level Three (Master/Teacher):

This level offers the rest of the needed symbols to do healing.   It also gives the practitioner the degree to teach Reiki to others.

MY FEES are:  $50.00/hour

Classes: $150.00 per person for Level One

$150.00 per person for Level Two

I recommend you take them a year apart.


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