Empowering Strategies for Teenage Girls 12 – 17 called “Loving Yourself Creates Positive Changes”.     LoveFromInside

Presentation at Long Lake Chateau on Wednesday, September 21 at 7:00 pm.    I am working alongside BCCEAS, BC Elder Abuse Advocacy  Support.    This workshop was a co-partnership between Family Caregivers BC, Alzheimer’s Society and BCCEAS.    The title is:   Not in My Family:  Working with Family Caregivers to Reduce Elder Abuse.   This is for Caregivers we hope will attend.



Getting to the Core of Your Beliefs – mini workshop, details TBA

Overcoming what Limits YOU – mini workshop, details TBA

Healing through Chronic Pain – mini workshop, details TBA

Caregivers Wellness Retreat – Saturday, October 22 at Kiwi Cove Lodge in Ladysmith Guest Speakers, Wellness Practitioner and other special treats!   Details TBA

Creativity that Nourishes and Heals – mini workshop, details TBA

Essential Oils and Emotions

Mindfulness 8 weeks



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